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   Masquerade Artisan E.L.Downey draws upon decades of design experience as a jeweler, sculptor and painter and has found passion in creating exquisite, wearable art masks. 
 Each hand cut leather mask is individually sculpted on a plaster cast of a face, not machine pressed into a mold, ensuring that each piece is a unique creation. Masks are then painted with acrylics, and sealed with lacquer, creating rich textures and beautiful jewel tone effects. Many are also adorned with fine feathers, semi- precious stones, bead-work, and free hand filigree designs.
   Masquerade Artisan masks have appeared in Wes Craven’s movie “CURSED”, The Roberson Museum, and at the New York Renaissance Festival, Sterling Forest, where Masquerade Artisan was awarded "Best new Artist". E. L. Downey has shown artwork with Swiss surrealist H. R. GIGER who owns 2 Masquerade Artisan masks.
.Masquerade Artisan Design Studios produced masks for Jose Cuervo's PLATINO Masquerade Balls hosted in premiere venues across 10 major US Cities.
   E.L.Downey's more elaborate masks are considered to be some of the finest examples of wearable art today, and are cherished by a growing number of collectors worldwide. Thank you for supporting the arts...enjoy!