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“Mask images emerge from an eclectic collection of mystical and visual forces and are inspired by the faces deep within our spirit"  

    After visiting the Center for Symbolic Studies in the early 1990’s, I began my serious explorations in mask making. I have come to believe that masks can inspire us to explore our personal mythology, and even transport the psyche to alternate realms.


   Symbolically, I think of the mask as being a lens through which we perceive our world and it can also be a tangible manifestation of that perception. They can represent traits we wish to engender, or those we wish to overcome. 

   We wear many masks at different times for different reasons as we interact within a social matrix and in doing so, often create a myriad of illusions that separate ourselves from our true nature. I believe it would take a lifetime as a mask maker to express all of our wonderfully flawed and gemlike facets. I am grateful that many collectors find that their masks on the wall often mirror reflections of inner beauty and spirit.


   My continuing wish is that these wearable art creations inspire people to participate more fully in the theatre of life.


Thank you very much for supporting the arts. -E.L.Downey