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"First of all, THANK YOU!!!!!! The event looks absolutely gorgeous, your masks have been the belle of the ball. My staff is absolutely LOVING wearing them, and all consumers seem to be enjoying even the simplest masks. I can't tell you, everyone has been fawning over me for finding you, but truly all credit is yours. You've done a fantastic job. And yes, the bandits are absolutely stunning!!...we are VERY GRATEFUL for everything that you’ve done for our event."

 -Carla Matos ,  U. S. Concepts for Jose Cuervo,

New York, NY

ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/CarlasMaskELD2008.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/HunterDELD2008.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/ELD2008OctaviaJC.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/CarlaMatos.DSC_9498.jpg
ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/Platino_PrintAd.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/IMG5981.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/Maskwall2008.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/IMG_6115.jpg
ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/IMG_0465.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/IMG_5945.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/IMG_5869.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/IMG_6020.jpg
ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/DSC_9059.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/DSC_9418.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/DSC_9022.jpg ELDMasksForJoseCuervo/DSC_9012.jpg

 Masquerade Event services offered include the following:
  • A variety of mask styles to please your clients. Designs ranging from high end sculpted leather to lesser priced, Venetian style embellished masks (both shown above).
  • Corporate/Custom Branding: Provided with appropriate photo ready artwork, we can create
  •    -Your logo embossed into leather.
  •    -Your logo or sentiment printed on cascading ribbons
  •    -Your logo as an embellishment, or "jewel"
  • If you do not have photo-ready artwork, or are looking for a hybrid of your logo that enhances the mask, I can create either for you.
  • A presentation portfolio
  • A presentation sample board
  • Masquerade consultation services

Please use this contact link to inquire about customizing your event, thank you!



   Masquerade Artisan, E. L. Downey:
 I was delighted to have my designs selected by Carla Matos of US Concepts from amongst the countries top mask makers to promote Jose Cuervo's Masquerade Ball. Participating in this captivating marketing strategy involved many creative aspects not limited to my mask making artistry. The uniqueness of the project left a lasting impression as well.